Alcohol and Your College Experience

How much do you really know about alcohol? Choosing to drink is a big decision—and this site is designed to provide with you some information to help inform your choices about alcohol.

We know alcohol is not good for our bodies, so why do people drink? There are a few reasons:

  • Social: 'Because it helps you enjoy a party'
  • Coping: 'Because it helps you when you feel depressed or nervous'
  • Enhancement: 'Because you like the feeling of that high'
  • Conformity: 'So you won't feel left out'

How to Use this Page

Consumption of alcohol in moderation by persons of legal drinking age can be a component of the social life at a University. The section Responsible Drinking provides guidance about how to moderate your drinking, including basic information about drink size, how alcohol impacts your body, and strategies that can help you avoid problem drinking. Just for You! contains more information for specific populations: women, athletes, and children of alcoholics.

Unfortunately, misusing alcohol often leads to negative consequences such as poor class performance, injuries, damaged relationships, and poor physical help. You can learn more about high-risk drinking and its consequences in Misusing Alcohol. Visit Getting Help if you think you may want to speak with someone about your alcohol use.