• Who do families contact in the case of a family emergency (i.e. death or serious illness) and need to get in touch with a student?

    In cases of an emergency, family members should contact the Dean of Students Office at (202) 319-5619 and notify one of our staff members of the situation. After business hours, family members should contact the Department of Public Safety at (202) 319-5111 and ask for the Community Director on call.  In either case, our staff will take the necessary measures to contact the student.

  • I am feeling homesick, depressed, anxious, nervous and upset. Where can I go?

    If you are having issues adjusting to campus or life, or are dealing with other personal problems, the staff members of the Dean of Students Office are a great resource for support. You can schedule a meeting with one of the deans either by phone or walk-in.

  • I am having trouble with my roommate. What should I do?

    The first step in managing a roommate conflict is asking your Resident Assistant (RA) for support. If your RA is unable to help you resolve the issue, then they will assist you in contacting your Community Director (CD) or a Dean of Students staff member.

  • How do I take an academic leave from the university?

    Click here to go to the academic leave page.

  • How do I permanently withdraw from the University?

    Click here to go to the permanent withdrawal page.

  • I am having trouble academically. Who can I talk to?

    Students offer find themselves struggling academically and are unsure to whom they can speak with on-campus. There are numerous resources available for students; first and foremost, the student can contact their professor with any specific questions for that particular class. Students can also get in contact with their academic advisor who can assist them on a broader level. The Center for Academic and Career Success is an office on campus that's purpose is to help students find academic and career success.  CACS also offers tutoring services for students who need support with individual classes. 

  • I am having a medical emergency. What do I do?

    If you are experiencing an immediate medical emergency on campus, contact the Department of Public Safety at (202) 319-5111. Public Safety offices will arrange for necessary medical assistance to come to your location. If you are experiencing an on-going and/or serious medical issue (i.e. hospitalization, long term illness, etc.), contact the Office of the Dean of Students at (202) 319-5619. Staff members in the Office of the Dean of Students can assist you with developing a plan for managing the impact of the medical issue on your campus life. You should also personally notify your professors if you have missed and/or expect to miss any classes; your professors are in the best position to discuss how absences from class will affect your class performance.

  • Where do I go to pay a judicial fine? How can I pay it?

    Fines are only assigned for alcohol and other drug violations; your fine will serve as a contribution to support educational interventions within our university community, including alcohol and drug education efforts. You will need to pay this fine by Cardinal Cash at the Office of the Dean of Students (Pryzbyla Center, Suite 353), after adding funds to your Cardinal Cash account at cardinalcard.catholic.edu. As an alternative option to pay your fine, once you have added funds to your Cardinal Cash account email cua-studentconduct@cua.edu with your name, the fine amount, and your student ID number to have the fine payment processed. If this fine is financially burdensome for you, please email your conduct officer before the sanction deadline to request community service in lieu of the fine.

  • Can I receive a letter from the Dean excusing me from class?

    The Office of the Dean of Students assists students who may be having a difficult time in their courses, understanding that students may miss class due to illness or family issues that occur during the semester.

    Students who have missed an extensive number of classes for the reasons noted above or due to chronic illness or personal crisis should feel comfortable meeting with a DOS staff member to discuss the impact of their absences on class performance. Typically, a staff member in the Office of the Dean of Students will meet with a student to discuss his/her specific situation; the staff member may also refer the student to other campus resources as necessary.

    The student is responsible for communicating directly with his/her instructor when he/she realizes the need to be absent and is also responsible for contacting each instructor to arrange for completion of required work, including missed assignments and exams.

    Authority for excusing absences rests with the teacher who may request that the student obtain authentication of absences considered unavoidable.

    The Office of the Dean of Students does not provide verification or proof of the legitimacy of the reason for an absence for non-critical or non-emergency situations.

    Emergency Absence Notification to Instructors

    The Office of the Dean of Students serves as a contact resource by providing instructors with notification of class absences in critical and emergency situations, such as hospitalization, serious illness, and serious injury of the student or death of an immediate family member. The class absence notifications from the Office of the Dean of Students are strictly informational and advisory, and are not intended to verify or provide proof of the legitimacy of the absence.

  • What if I need to provide my disciplinary history to transfer to another institution, or apply to law/professional school or a career position?

    Information on disciplinary records requests is available here.