Vocational wellness refers to finding personally fulfilling work that allows you to use your unique gifts, talents, and skills in a role that aligns with your interests and values.

Know: What is Vocational Wellness?

Students are urged to initiate the exploration of potential careers that resonate with their personalities, align with their values, and captivate their interests early. However, it is essential to emphasize that embarking on this journey is not restricted by time constraints; it is never too late to commence or reinitiate the process. The trajectory toward one's ideal career is often non-linear, characterized by circuitous paths rather than straight lines. The pursuit of fulfilling work is an ongoing journey, and most individuals experience a dynamic evolution in their career paths. The overarching objective of vocational wellness is to uncover meaningful work that enhances one's life, fostering the identification, development, and maximization of talents and skills for the betterment of both the individual and the organization.

Vocational wellness can lead to:

  • Opportunities to grow and discover new skills
  • Fulfillment and satisfaction in the workplace
  • Achievement of work/life balance
  • The ability to impact your workplace and colleagues in a positive way

Do: The Path to Vocational Wellness

  • Make an appointment with your Academic and Career Advisor (ACA) in the Center for Academic and Career Success to engage in a discussion about your career interests.
  • If you need help identifying your interests and the potential majors and careers that align with them, complete a free self-assessment using the Focus 2 Career Guide. Request the password for the Focus 2 Assessment from your ACA. Alternatively, request that your ACA provide you with access to the Strong Interest Inventory Career Assessment to identify potential career paths.
  • Another option is to take the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator. The Myers-Briggs questionnaire is described as a psychometric tool that gives you insight into your own personality type, strengths, and preferences and connects its findings to potential fulfilling career paths.
  • Search the Nest for employment fairs and career development workshops coordinated by the Center for Academic and Career Success. Also, attend career-related information sessions hosted by your academic department.
  • Use Cardinal Connect to find alumni who are working in fields of interest to you and conduct informational interviews with them to educate yourself about their career path and their day to day work.

Seek: Resources for Vocational Wellness

  • Bureau of Labor Statistics: Provides research on the work performed in a wide variety of occupational groups, the education and training required to obtain positions in those fields, and the projected salary information for specific roles.
  • Handshake: Leading job search site for college students. Catholic University posts all off- and on-campus positions on Handshake.
  • Interstride: Top resource for international students seeking jobs, immigration support, and networking opportunities.
  • LinkedIn: You can use LinkedIn - the world's largest professional network on the Internet - to find jobs, internships, professional connections, and potential mentors. 
  • Indeed: One of the top job search sites in the world with new domestic and international jobs posted daily.
  • Salary.com: Learn what employers are paying for jobs you are interested in.