Disciplinary Records Requests

When completing applications to transfer to another institution, or applying to law schools, professional schools, state board agencies, or federal government positions, students may need a student disciplinary history provided.

Please note our office only provides information on student conduct/disciplinary history; if you require academic verification (i.e. - dates of enrollment, grades, financial payment history, etc.), you will need to forward your documentation to the Office of Enrollment Services or the Assistant Dean for Academic Services and Registrar at the Law School.

Academic dishonesty records are maintained by the Office of the Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Office of the Senior Vice Provost for Administration and Dean of Graduate Studies, and the Assistant Dean for Academic Services and Registrar at the Law School.

The Student Records Policy outlines the specific conditions under which information can be released to a third party.

Requests from current or former students to release disciplinary information should be submitted online here.

Common Application College Report Requests should be submitted to Enrollment Services first via this link.

Third party requests from investigators or entities other than the student can be submitted in person, via email to cua-studentconduct@cua.edu, or via fax to (202) 238-2043. Our office will then contact the student to verify consent as needed.

Requests for information are normally processed within 5 business days.