Disciplinary Records Requests/Dean's Certification

When completing applications for graduate schools, professional schools, law schools, state board agencies or federal government positions, students may need a "Dean Certification Form" completed or a student disciplinary history provided.

Please note our office only provides information on student conduct/disciplinary history; if you require academic verification (i.e. - dates of enrollment, grades, academic dishonesty, etc.), you will need to forward your documentation to the Office of Enrollment Services.

Normally, student disciplinary information requested by a third party will only be released with the written permission of the student about whom the inquiry is being made.

The Student Records Policy outlines the specific conditions under which information can be released to a third party.

Requests to release disciplinary information are accepted through the following means:

  • Online here
  • In person
  • By postal mail

The requesting party must provide a copy of the student's written authorization that the disciplinary records may be released. It is strongly encouraged that the dates of the student's attendance at Catholic University are included in the written release of information as this will aid in the processing of the request.

Requests for information are normally processed within 5 business days.