Environmental wellness refers to occupying pleasant, stimulating, and safe environments that support wellbeing.

Know: What is Environmental Wellness?

Environmental wellness values the relationship between ourselves, the spaces in which we live and work, and the planet. Environmental wellness also focuses on nurturing an awareness and respect for our environment and making choices that promote a lifestyle that is environmentally sustainable. Environmental wellness helps us live the ideals of Laudato Si’.

Do: The Path to Environmental Wellness

  • Spend quality time outside: Go on a walk, ride a bike, play outdoor sports, or spend time outdoors eating, studying, attending events, and more.
  • Serve: Serve on campus or with local environmental organizations to improve the health and well-being of our community. Consider volunteering in a community garden, participating in park clean-up and stewardship events, or advocating for better care of our environment.
  • Learn: Nurture curiosity about nature, the planet, and the spaces around you.

Seek: Resources for Environmental Wellness