Community Standards Guide

To help guide you through your individual and community responsibilities, we have developed a Community Standards Guide, which serves as a compilation of critical policies and procedures related to our expectations for your behavior.  Policies and procedures posted directly on University websites are always the most current versions. We urge you to become familiar with the resources available to you and to periodically consult them.

A Google document of the Community Standards Guide is available here.

For instructions on how to download the Community Standards Guide through the Catholic U app, see below.

Community Standards Guide App

Download the Catholic University App to view the Community Standards Guide.

  1. Open the App Store/Google Play.
  2. Search "Catholic University."
  3. Download the app with the Catholic U logo. (it's free)
  4. Once downloaded, open the app and find the guidebook titled, "Community Standards Guide."
  5. Once you have downloaded the guidebook, click on the three bars on the top left corner to see the different tabs.
  6. You can view General Information, the Code of Student Conduct, Residential Services Policies, Other Policies, and Campus Resources.