Cultural wellness refers to being patient and non-judgmental with your own beliefs and those that differ from your own. Cultural wellness thrives in curiosity, acceptance, and compassion.

Know: What is Cultural Wellness?

Cultural wellness encompasses acceptance of self and others, curiosity, and humility. Cultural wellness refers to cultivating relationships with others without judgment; no matter ethnicity, religion, gender, age, etc. 

Practicing cultural wellness is honoring all voices and experiences, exploring an array of beliefs and cultures, and learning how to value ideas that differ from our own. Fostering a connected community requires the humility for one to commit to embracing the strengths and benefits of others.

Cultural wellness recognizes that we are complex and dynamic individuals that can keep our core beliefs/morals while also allowing ourselves the freedom to explore the depths of our own identities.

Do: The Path to Cultural Wellness

  • Be curious about yourself. Ask yourself what matters to you and why. Where do your core beliefs come from?
  • Consider what makes you unique. Think about your hobbies and identities, then commit to becoming more engaged in them.
  • Get involved in events that further your identities and events that encompass topics, belief systems, and cultures that differ from your own (maybe even challenge your own lens in which you understand the world)!
  • Practice listening and understanding when it comes to encountering others who are different from you. Remember that our environment often shapes our beliefs and it makes sense that approaches to life can differ.
  • Intake the words and voices of those who validate AND challenge your cultural lens (e.g., read, listen to podcasts, watch films, etc.) in order to educate yourself.
  • Remind yourself that there is no one correct way to live and think. Let yourself be free of judgment.

Seek: Resources for Cultural Wellness