You Have Options

Where to Make a Report

By reporting to one of the resources below, you will have the options of connecting with available support services. To report an incident you can contact:
  • The Dean of Students: 202-319-5619,
  • The University's Title IX Coordinator: 202-319-4177,, or
  • The Department of Public Safety: 202-319-5111. DPS is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can also make a report directly to the local police, the Metropolitan Police Department, and DPS can assist with this process: 202-727-9099.

What can you expect when you report?

  • Your information will remain private and will only be shared with those who absolutely need to know.
  • You will be connected to a trained resource person in the Office of the Dean of Students to to help you navigate support services and offer options for moving forward.
  • You will be connected to a trained resource person in the Office of the Dean of Students to to help you navigate support services and offer options for moving forward.
  • Reporting an assault does not automatically trigger an investigation except in rare situations where a perpetrator is a threat to the community, such as when the University received a previous report that the same person assaulted someone else. In those cases, the University has an obligation to investigate, but you are not required to be a part of the process.


Catholic University cares about you and wants to remove all barriers to reporting. If you report and incident of sexual violence but were involved in a lesser policy violation (like underage drinking or visitation) you will receive amnesty and won't get in trouble as long at that behavior didn't cause harm to others.

Requesting no investigation or disciplinary action

If you disclose an incident to an employee, but would like to request confidentiality or that no investigation or conduct process is pursued, the Title IX Coordinator will weigh this request against the University's obligation to provide a safe environment for all students.

Requesting informal resolution

Some cases may be resolved by informal resolution. This option does not involve a disciplinary process and may include mediated conversations between both parties, facilitated by the Office of the Dean of Students staff. Informal resolution is designed to provide students another option for moving forward after an incident and is not intended to discourage students from filing a complaint. To participate in this option, both students must involved must agree to an outcome that also meets the expectations of the Dean of Students.

Informal resolution is not available for situations involving violence or non-consensual intercourse.

Where to File a Complaint

To file a University complaint, you can contact:

  • The Department of Public Safety,
  • The Dean of Students, or
  • The University's Title IX Coordinator.

You can also file a criminal complaint with the local police, the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD). DPS can assist you with this process and you can pursue both a university and MPD complaint simultaneously.

What can you expect when you file a complaint?

  • The University will take your complaint seriously.
  • The University will conduct an investigation.
  • If the case is referred to the University disciplinary process, there are many options that are available.
  • A Dean of Students staff member can help you navigate this process.

If you do not wish to file a complaint, you can still meet with a member of the Dean of Students Office for support. Staff members can help you access services like academic support, class schedule changes, housing relocation, and issue orders of no contact.

For more information, visit the Grievance Procedures.