Spiritual wellness refers to experiencing peace and confidence by living out our God-given dignity every day, and reverencing it in others. In the Catholic faith, we experience that dignity most fully through the sacraments, prayer, belief, community, and service.

Know: What is Spiritual Wellness?

At The Catholic University of America, we believe that spiritual wellness is rooted in the Christian anthropology of the human person: that each person is made in the image and likeness of God, with inherent dignity that is meant to be honored and respected, and cannot be earned or taken away.

Do: The Path to Spiritual Wellness

When we live out of our God-given dignity and reverence it in others, we experience spiritual wellness to the fullest. Live your faith at CatholicU in the following ways:
  • Believe: Attend retreats, pilgrimages, bible studies, men's/women's groups, social events, formation talks, vocation fairs, and more.
  • Pray: Mass, Confession, and Eucharistic Adoration are available daily.
  • Serve: Attend weekly service sites, large-scale service days, Spring Break or Summer immersion trips, and more.

Seek: Resources for Spiritual Wellness

  • Campus Ministry: Provides resources to support students growing in their faith and receiving spiritual guidance through individual and community support.
  • Campus Ministry Contact Information: Provides contact information for Campus Ministry. Students who are searching and need support in their spiritual lives are welcome to schedule a time to chat with Campus Ministry!
  • Worship Times: Provides the regular liturgical schedule for the academic year. 
  • Other Faith Traditions: Provides information for students who are of different faiths, including how Campus Ministry is available to connect you to your respective faith communities in the DC metropolitan area. There is also an interfaith prayer space on campus available for the CatholicU community, currently located in a temporary space in the Engineering Building. A more permanent location is in the works.
  • Clubs and Events on the Nest: Provides details on student organizations and events happening at Catholic University.
  • Prayers and Devotions: Provides information and resources for prayers and devotions. 
  • Prayer Apps: Hallow, iBrievary, Laudate