Expectations of a Catholic University Student

The Catholic University of America is a community that serves as the national university of the Catholic Church in the United States and that is committed to research, teaching, learning and service in accordance with that identity. We acknowledge a specific mission and specific core values, i.e., qualities expected to be found in each of our community members and in every community activity. The ways in which the university community uniquely embodies these core values become trademarks of The Catholic University of America experience and an enduring hallmark of the life of each and every member. These core values include faith, integrity, respect, excellence, scholarship, responsibility, freedom, confidence, service and community building. Catholic University students are expected to:

  • Be diligent and sincere in the pursuit of education, open to learning and change, striving to achieve academic excellence.
  • Define and strengthen their moral, ethical and spiritual character through integration of academic and personal reflection.
  • Be honest and have integrity in all that they do, especially in personal relationships and academic performance.
  • Recognize the importance of service to others and involve themselves in experiences that will prepare them for their roles as contributing citizens in a global community.
  • Develop an awareness of and appreciation for differences that exist among peoples and ideas.
  • Respect their own bodies, minds and spirits, avoiding behaviors and substances that could have a negative effect on their personal well-being.
  • Conduct themselves in a dignified and respectful manner, learning from their mistakes.
  • Accept responsibility for their decisions and be equally accepting of the rewards and consequences of those decisions, including being open to constructive, growth enhancing feedback.
  • Develop an appreciation for university traditions and actively participate in the celebration of "Cardinal Pride."
  • Enjoy the experience and privileges that help them to live, learn and grow at the University by preparing for life, not just for a career.