When students choose to accept admission to The Catholic University of America, they accept the rights, privileges, and responsibilities of membership in the university's academic, social, and spiritual community.

When student behavior departs from the community expectations, members of the community are expected to challenge and confront these inappropriate behaviors. When that behavior becomes unacceptable and adversely impacts the spirit of the community, it will be addressed by administrators who follow the procedures outlined in the Code of Student Conduct.

Student conduct policies and procedures are viewed first and foremost within the educational mission and traditions of Catholic University. As such, the system strives to instill moral and ethical values, most especially integrity and respect for human dignity; to ensure accountability and justice; and to create a safe and comfortable learning environment. The student conduct system provides a just, fair and equitable means of examining and addressing student misconduct.

Policies governing student behavior and community standards are not laws. Rather, the system is designed to inform students of the broad principles and high standards to which they will be held responsible as members of the Catholic University community. It is also intended as an opportunity for assessing student conduct and determining sanctions, when appropriate, that encourage behaviors that contribute to the well-being of the University community, and allow students to develop individual responsibility and self-discipline.

Being a part of The Catholic University of America is a privilege best safeguarded by each student's continued use of good, responsible decision-making and consideration for the rights and property of others. Students should expect that they will be held accountable for their behavior, and will be afforded an opportunity to contribute to the examination of their alleged misconduct.