Conduct Conference

Allegations of misconduct that may not lead to removal from the residence halls, suspension, or expulsion will be resolved through a student conduct conference.

The accused student will be contacted by a university administrator, also known as a conduct officer, via email or telephone to schedule an appointment for a conference, at the earliest convenience, to review and discuss the allegations.

During a conduct conference, the accused student meets one-on-one with a conduct officer. These meetings are designed to be educational, with the conduct officer sharing the written mate­rials that formed the basis of the allegations. The conduct officer opens a dialogue with the accused student by asking questions related to the incident and his or her understanding of community expectations and University policy. The conduct officer considers all the infor­mation presented and makes a determina­tion regarding responsibility based on the preponderance of the information. In other words, the case officer determines whether it is more likely than not that the accused student violated the Code of Student Conduct.