Respondent Support

Being accused of sexual harassment or sexual assault can be a worrisome and stressful experience.

Catholic University offers resources to answer your questions and provide you with support through the process.

Support Options

Confidential Resources

Information cannot be shared without your permission.

  • Counseling Center (Licensed counselors) 202-319-5675
  • Student Health Services (Physicians and licensed medical professionals): 202-319-5744
  • Campus Ministry (Priests, acting in their professional capacity of giving spiritual advice): 202-319-5575

Non-Confidential Resources

Information will be shared only with University resources who need to know so as to assist you in accessing services.

  • Residence Life Staff (RAs and Community Directors)
  • Dean of Students Staff: 202-319-5619
  • Title IX Coordinator: 202-319-4177

These individuals are responsible employees and are required to report if you share details with them. For more information about privacy and confidentiality, visit the Grievance Procedures.

Possible Next Steps

Orders of No Contact

  • An order of no contact is a university administrative action that the Office of the Dean of Students issues to direct two or more students to refrain from contact (in person, via phone, text, email, social media, or through friends or third parties). No contact orders are always provided to both (or all) students equally. Violations of this "no contact" order will be taken very seriously and appropriately addressed.
  • If you have received an order of no contact, do not discuss the situation with mutual friends. Seek out confidential supports (above) as needed.


If a complaint has been filed, an investigation is conducted by the University. The following are tips to assist you as you participate in the investigation:
  • Remember to write down as many details as possible to assist you in articulating your experience with the investigator.
  • Compile a list of possible witnesses who can speak to what occurred as well as lend credibility to your statement.
  • You may have a support person or parent / guardian present.

What can you expect when a complaint is filed?

  • The University will complete an investigation and DPS will submit an investigative report to the Dean of Students.
  • If the Dean of Students refers the case to the University disciplinary process, you will have the opportunity to meet with a Student Conduct staff member who will walk you through the haring process, discuss options, and answer any questions you have.
  • A Dean of Students staff member is available to offer support and help you navigate this process.

Respondent Options flyer

For more information, visit the Grievance Procedures