Healthy Relationships

Human beings are essentially social creatures. We are nurtured by our parents as an infant, learn how to form friendships in childhood, and begin to establish loving romantic relationships as an adult, so healthy relationships are important throughout our lives, as they provide social connection and fulfillment.

Healthy relationships allow us to grow as individuals and teach us about others, as well. Healthy relationships bring happiness and health to our lives. Studies show that people with healthy relationships experience more happiness and less stress.

College is a great time to establish healthy habits when it comes to relationships, but it can also come with new challenges. Some of these challenges include:
  • Feeling lonely, as they have left family and old friends, and don't know how to form new relationships.
  • Forming roommate relationships, as many college students have not shared their personal space with another person in such a way.
  • Dating and romantic relationships are also a concern for most students, as they leave their adolescent wants and desires behind and begin to focus on what they want out of adult romantic
  • relationships.

Developing meaningful relationships is a concern for all of us. Getting close to others, sharing our joys, sorrows, needs, wants, affections, and excitements can feel risky, but it can also bring great joy and happiness!

How to Use this Page

While it is anticipated that being at college can be a time of wonderful growth as well, this page seeks to provide informational resources for common concerns faced by a large number of students in college. Links on the right-hand side of this page will direct you to these resources and information. If you'd like more information about these and other concerns, please contact the CUA Counseling Center ( at 202-319-5765, or stop by the office located at 127 O'Boyle Hall.