Physical Health

There is no time like the present to start taking care of your body!

Eating right, exercising on a regular basis, preventing illness and injury, and getting enough sleep are the building blocks of good physical health.

Most students experience pretty big changes in their lifestyles when they attend college. Think about some of the changes you may have gone through:

  • Choosing your own meals in the dining hall
  • Changes in your daily schedule
  • Sharing sleeping space with a roommate
  • No longer playing for a high school sports team
  • Presence of alcohol in social settings
  • Large blocks of unstructured free time

Both resident and commuter students can find it difficult to balance their school work, social life, extra curriculars, family commitments, emotional well being, and physical health while they are in school.

You may think that college is a difficult time to do this but the reality is that this is the BEST time for you to make these choices for yourself. The habits you form now can stick with your throughout your life, so make them good ones!

How to Use this Page

This page is designed to help you begin to make informed decisions about your physical health. Eating right and exercising is a common concern for college students -- information for these topics can be found in the Healthy Lifestyles section. Other sections contain information you may be looking for about Common Illnesses for college students, the importance of Sleep, and practicing Sun Safety. If you would like more information about these and other concerns, please contact Student Health Services at 202-319-5744 or stop by their office in the Eugene I. Kane Student Health and Fitness Center.